Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a company, we believe that our success is primarily dependent upon the quality of services that we provide to our clients and our staff. Renaissance Personnel is therefore committed to the Equal Opportunities and diversity policies. This means that we ensure that no patient, client or staff receives less than favourable treatment due to their personal attributes, colour, ethnic or national origin, appearance, marital status, gender, disability, religion or sexuality. We expect our clients and everyone who works for us to support us in this.

    We attach high significance on patient protection and safety; as such we do our best during the staff recruitment and selection process to ensure that all the staff on our books are of high quality and are recruited on merit. To be eligible as a temporary worker of Renaissance Personnel the candidate must satisfy the following relevant criteria:

    • An initial meeting is held with all candidates to ensure that they understand how the company works and the kind of jobs they are likely to be offered.

    Complete our comprehensive employment application form and we subsequently verify each candidate's qualification(s) and employment history by asking for certificates and references.

    • Every applicant will provide details of at least 2 traceable professional references; one of these must be the nurse/carer's current and most recent employer.

    • Specialist nurses must have a minimum of at least two years experience and provide references to prove this.

    • All candidates must have valid Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service  certificate before they commence work.

    • We require all qualified nurses to have valid professional indemnity insurance.

    • All qualified nurses must have valid Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) pin number and must show us the membership card and Statement of Entry on professional register, which we then verify with NMC confirmation service.

    • We will examine original personal documentation to verify all applicants' personnel identity and proof of residence, i.e. passport or UK driving licence or full UK birth certificate; and one official bill or bank statement.

    • We also check all candidates' eligibility to take employment in the UK, through examination of original home office documentation (if applicable) and we view all candidates' national insurance numbers.

    • All nurses undergo a full health-screening interview and must be in a good state of heath as indicated by the analysis of the completed health declaration form and the interview analysis.

    • All candidates will attend a face-to-face interview with a trained Recruitment Consultant.

    • A competent person who has an effective NMC registration as well as having extensive recruitment and selection experience conducts interviews for all qualified nurses.

    • The candidate must provide evidence of up to date mandatory training including CPR, Manual Handling, Basic food hygiene, Control and Restraint within the last twelve months.

    • All Health Care Assistants must have a minimum of at least 6 months experience; posses a Health Care Assistant/Support Worker's Training certificate, or be a student nurse.

    • All applicants must demonstrate that they are fit for purpose - we undertake a skills profiling exercise to ensure that our staff are competent for the job they are applying for.

    • If a candidate fails to meet the relevant recruitment criteria we will not offer them employment until the required items have been submitted and checked.

  • As part of our Quality Assurance, the following procedures are to be carried out:

    • Our representative will visit you at least three times per annum (and whenever required) to review the quality of our service

    • Our staff will receive regular ad hoc (as and when required) supervision to ensure that they have the opportunity to discuss any issues of concern or to have a personal performance review.

    • We will carry out spot checks on our staff when it convenient for the client

    • Audit the number and nature of complaints received.

    From time to time our representative will contact clients/ staff to seek feedback on the quality of services received from our company. As we are committed to proactive working and continuous improvement, we welcome any form of feedback about our services, whether it is a complement or a complaint

  • Renaissance Personnel may cease to offer its services if/ when;


    • There is reason to believe that the client/client representative has shown discriminatory tendencies or deliberately fails to adhere to our equal opportunity and diversity policies.

    • The client/client representative attempts to cover-up any malpractice or encourages our staff to engage in some practices that are unlawful or compromise patient safety.

    • The client/client representative abuses or harasses our staff.

    Renaissance Personnel reserves the right to withdraw its services if the client fails to keep up the payments for Renaissance Personnel services as agreed from the outset of the contract. The client will be notified of any intention to withdraw services. However, we hope that there will be no need for us to reach that stage as we are committed to partnership-working which we believe will help to minimise any foreseeable issues.

  • Whilst we take every effort to maintain the highest standards in our industry, we acknowledge that there may be times when things do not go as expected. The following outlines the procedure for you and us to address any problems that arise:

    a) If you wish to make a complaint about any aspect of our business or service you must contact Renaissance Personnel as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours of the event complained of.

    b) If the initial complaint is verbal, you must supplement this with a written complaint (either by letter, fax or e-mail) which must be received by Renaissance Personnel within 72 hours of the verbal complaint. For the avoidance of doubt, the initial complaint may be made by letter, email, or fax but must be received by the Renaissance Personnel within 24 hours of the event complained of.

    c) The written complaint must provide full information on the event complained of.

    d) When launching the complaint, please use the following contact details: Write to:

    The Operations Manager (Complaints & Complements Section)

    *Please see the Contact section of this site for our full address details.

    e) Upon receiving the complaint, it will be logged on to our system and the Managing Director will be notified within 24hrs of the complaint

    f) In most cases we will acknowledge your complaint in writing within 5 days of you making the written complaint, however in some cases enquiries may take longer.

    g) Renaissance Personnel will use its reasonable endeavour to initiate investigation into the complaint within 24 hours of receiving the complaint

    h) On completion of the Renaissance Personnel's enquiries, Renaissance Personnel will take such measures, as it deems necessary and shall respond in writing, giving details of the outcome of the enquiry and any measures taken.

    i) We will resolve your complaint as quickly as possible, usually in no more than 28 days, unless the nature of the investigations require more time.

    j) If, after following the procedure you remain dissatisfied with the response received from Renaissance Personnel, or with Renaissance Personnel's handling of the complaint, you have the right to refer the matter to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. Their contact details are available from our office on request.

  • DBS certificates issued before 17/06/2013 are not transferable. 

    If you have a valid Enhanced DBS certificate from another organisation, we will be able to accept provided the check was done for Adult and Child Workforce and you are registered with the DBS for Status check.

    If you need further assistance, please contact us and we will be happy to answer all questions.

  • Yes we do, whoever we can only recruit from country that are not on the WHO's prohibited list. 
  • Here are the Requirements.

    1. Nursing Degree or Diploma

    2. Registered Nurse Licence

    3. IELTs with 6.5 in writing and 7.0 in all other areas or OET with C+ in writing and B in remaining areas

    4 Undergo a suitability interview face to face or remote video platform 

    5.Complete an Oline NMC self-assessment which confirms if you are eligible to apply. 

    6 Pass Computer Based Test (CBT) as part of your NMC registration process. This course it taken while you are in your host country. 

    7, Police check from overseas 

    8. NMC application submission 

    9. COS- certificate of sponsorship & Visa Application 

    10. Travel arrangements & relocation 

    9. OSEC exam 

    10. NMC Pin