Ancillary Staff


Renaissance Personnel Ltd. supplies ancillary staff to all Health and Social Care Settings.

Ancillary services in the health and social care industry generally fall into three categories: custodial, diagnostic and therapeutic. Without the benefit of ancillary services, treating physicians would be bogged down in tests and treatments that easily can be performed outside of a hospital or doctor’s office and don’t even require the hands-on participation of an MD.

Services Within a Hospital

While in the hospital, patients rely on ancillary services for a host of treatments that include case management and social workers who manage the flow of treatment, ensure coverage and make outside referrals. Social workers and pastoral care providers talk with patients to ease their fears and provide religious services when requested. The dietitian in the kitchen who prepares menus based on dietary restrictions is considered an ancillary healthcare worker in an inpatient setting, as are physical therapists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists who may continue seeing patients once they are released.

Services Within the Doctor’s Office

In an outpatient clinic or doctor’s office, ancillary services primarily consist of diagnostic procedures. Radiology and pulmonary testing done within the office are considered ancillary as are lab tests performed onsite. Many physicians have moved those ancillary services into their offices to be able to provide immediate diagnoses and in turn begin appropriate treatments based on the results of the tests. Large practices may even employ therapeutic ancillary services within their facilities that could include physical therapists, nutritionists and counselors.

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